How many blue-chip companies are there in the world? (2024)

How many blue-chip companies are there in the world?

There is no official list of blue chip stocks. However, generally speaking, investors consider a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average to be among the bluest of the blue chips. There are 30 blue chip stocks using this strict measure, since there are 30 companies in the Dow Jones.

How many blue-chip companies are there?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average comprises 30 blue-chip stocks that are tops in their industries.

Is McDonald's a blue-chip stock?

Common examples of blue chip stocks are market leaders like IBM, Coca-Cola, and McDonald's. These are companies with a long track record of steady growth and low volatility, suggesting that they are unlikely to face major problems in the near future.

Is A Tesla a blue-chip?

The problem is that despite being included in blue chip ETF indexes, companies like Nvidia and Tesla aren't truly blue chip stocks, George Pearkes, an analyst at Bespoke, told CNN. They're much more volatile. Tesla, for example, is down about 23% so far this year.

Is Coca Cola a blue-chip company?

Some examples of blue chip stocks are Coca Cola, Apple, IBM, American Express, McDonalds, DuPont, and American Express.

Who is the largest chip provider in the world?

As of 2023, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturer with a market share of over 50%. TSMC is followed by Samsung Electronics and Intel Corporation.

Is Netflix a blue-chip company?

Netflix (NFLX)

Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) is a blue chip stock because it is the most recognizable and successful streaming service, and it didn't get there by accident.

Is Costco a blue-chip stock?

At the same time, blue-chip stocks can deliver healthy capital gains. As a small example, Costco Wholesale (NASDAQ:COST) has trended higher by 226% (capital gains) in the last five years. This has led to this list of blue-chip stocks under $20.

Is Costco considered a blue-chip stock?

Costco Wholesale (NASDAQ:COST) stock continues to be one of the best blue-chip stocks investors can buy and remains the gold standard of the retail sector.

Is Nike a blue-chip stock?

As one of the largest sports apparel and footwear businesses on the face of the planet, Nike (NYSE: NKE) is well-known not only among customers worldwide but within the investment community as well. Regarded as a blue chip stock, Nike is even included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Is Amazon a blue-chip stock?

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is a blue chip stock best-known for its e-commerce Marketplace and its cloud computing business. Those two segments continue to be the primary drivers of the company. Their strength is the primary reason it has become a blue chip stock.

Is Walmart a blue-chip stock?

By investing in blue-chip stocks, investors can build a well-diversified portfolio. Here, we have identified three stocks from the Retail - Wholesale sector — Walmart Inc. WMT, The Home Depot, Inc. HD and Costco Wholesale Corporation COST.

Is Pfizer a blue-chip?

Pfizer (PFE)

Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) is another blue-chip stock that has witnessed a deep correction in the last few quarters. This has been behind growth concerns as COVID-19 vaccine revenues decline.

Which stock will boom in 2024?

Best Stocks to Invest in India 2024
1.Tata Consultancy Services LtdIT - Software
2.Infosys LtdIT - Software
3.Hindustan Unilever LtdFMCG
4.Reliance Industries LtdRefineries
1 more row
Mar 23, 2024

Is Disney a blue-chip?

Based upon the strength and momentum of our business, we are once again raising our full-year 2023 guidance as well as our floor EPS outlook for next year.” The Walt Disney Co. (DIS): It may not surprise you that our blue chip companies list includes one of the biggest and well-known companies in the world.

Is Disney a blue-chip company?

The Three Best Blue Chip Stocks to Watch—Disney, Starbucks, Target.

Who dominates the chip industry?

Notwithstanding the fact that Chinese industry dominates lower-end chips, TSMC is a near monopoly in advanced chip manufacturing, producing 90 percent of the world's most sophisticated microchips.

Who are the top 5 chip makers?

  • NVIDIA Corp. ( NVDA)
  • Intel Corp. ( INTC)
  • Broadcom Inc. ( AVGO)
  • Qualcomm Inc. ( QCOM)
  • SK Hynix (000660.KS)
  • Applied Materials, Inc. ( AMAT)
  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Who dominates the chip market?

Taiwan produces over 60% of the world's semiconductors and over 90% of the most advanced ones. Most are manufactured by a single company, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC).

Is Starbucks blue-chip?

Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX) stock has been a slow grower over the past five years. An increase of 38% is nothing to be ashamed of, but its growth hasn't been nearly as strong as many other blue chip stocks.

Is Home Depot a blue-chip stock?

Home Depot: Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, this company stands as another distinguished blue-chip stock, dominating the home improvement retail sector.

Is Apple a blue-chip company?

Blue chip stocks are the stocks of dependable, profitable companies that have stood the test of time. Investing in high-quality blue chip companies can be a way to strengthen your stock portfolio. Apple, Berkshire Hathaway, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and American Express stand out as top blue chip stocks.

Is Google a blue-chip stock?

Anchored by core Google properties and its $150 billion stockpile, Alphabet has the stability and vision to drive transformational growth, which is why it's on this list of stable blue-chip stocks. While ad revenue missed last quarter, Alphabet's Q4 sales still rose 13% year-over-year to $86 billion.

What is a purple chip stock?

Purple Chip Stock is a term coined by portfolio manager John Schwinghamer in his 2012 book "Purple Chips: Winning in the Stock Market with the Very Best of the Blue Chip Stocks" to describe a stock that is “the royalty of blue chip stocks,” or the highest-quality and lowest-risk of these top-notch stocks.

What are good blue-chip stocks to buy?

10 Best Blue Chip Stocks Of April 2024
  • The Best Blue Chip Stocks of April 2024.
  • Apple Inc (AAPL)
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPM)
  • Walmart Inc (WMT)
  • Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
  • Procter & Gamble Co (PG)
  • AbbVie Inc (ABBV)
  • Coca-Cola Co (KO)


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