What is the least expensive Volkswagen SUV? (2024)

What is the least expensive Volkswagen SUV?

The starting cost of the Taos is $24,155 MSRP, which gives this vehicle the title of cheapest Volkswagen SUV in the United States. It costs $2,795 less than the 2023 SUV Tiguan which costs $26,950 MSRP.

What is Volkswagen's smallest SUV?

The 2024 Taos Compact SUV from Volkswagen.

What is the lowest price of Volkswagen?

Volkswagen car price starts at Rs 11.48 Lakh for the cheapest model which is Virtus and the price of most expensive model, which is Tiguan starts at Rs 35.17 Lakh.

Is Volkswagen a reliable SUV?

Volkswagen Reliability Ranks High - RepairPal

RepairPal, one of the most highly regarded names in vehicle reliability rankings, recently announced that Volkswagen ranked above the industry average for vehicle reliability.

Which SUV has VW discontinued?

Volkswagen has discontinued the Tiguan AllSpace and the T-Roc SUVs in India. The automaker silently pulled the plug on the Tiguan AllSpace seven-seater offering a few weeks ago and it has now been removed from the company's website as well.

Are VW SUV expensive to maintain?

In a list of 30 popular auto makes, Volkswagen's service costs were lower than the service costs for 21 other brands, over ten years. That means Volkswagen cars and SUVs are not expensive to maintain, relative to other brands. Why are VW repair costs and service prices so low?

Are Volkswagens reliable?

Volkswagen is generally considered to be a reliable car brand. They have a reputation for producing well-engineered vehicles with good performance and safety features. However, like any car manufacturer, there can be variations in reliability between different models and years.

Are Tiguans good cars?

Yes, the 2023 Tiguan is a good SUV. With a comfortable ride, responsive handling and a long list of standard features, this VW has a lot going for it.

Is VW Taos a good car?

The Taos is also VW's newest SUV, debuting for the 2022 model year. We are consistently impressed by its ability to swallow cargo, and it offers the driving feel and nuance for which German cars are famous. Plus, as its rivals evolve, so do their price tags; the VW Taos is no longer on the pricier side of the spectrum.

Is VW cheap to insure?


Volkswagen is the second cheapest car make to insure, with 2022 models seeing an average annual rate of $142 per month of $1,707 per year. While this is only about 1% less than the national average, our top providers' average rates for Volkswagen are significantly lower.

Are Volkswagen cars cheap to maintain?

In a list of 30 popular auto brands, Volkswagen's service costs were lower than those of 21 different brands over ten years. That means Volkswagen cars and SUVs are relatively inexpensive to maintain compared to other brands. Why are VW repair costs so low?

Is Volkswagen a good second hand car?

Buying a Volkswagen secondhand can be a good option, as Volkswagen cars are known for their quality engineering and durability. However, it's important to thoroughly research the specific model you're interested in and consider factors such as the vehicle's maintenance history, mileage, and overall condition.

How many miles do Volkswagen SUVs last?

Most Volkswagen vehicles will last between 100,000 and 200,000 miles, although well-kept models can last even longer than that. All VWs are remarkably reliable vehicles.

What VW SUV is being recalled?

In early April 2023, Volkswagen of America announced a recall of 143,053 SUVs, specifically the 2018-2021 Atlas and the 2020 Atlas Cross Sport models, due to a defect in the front passenger airbag system.

Which is better VW or Toyota?

Toyota versus Volkswagen: Quality, Reliability, Safety, and Value Retention Ratings. A comparison of Toyota versus Volkswagen overall quality ratings shows Toyota with higher quality ratings in 6 out of 6 model comparisons. In terms of reliability ratings, Toyota has the advantage in 6 out of 6 comparisons.

Does Volkswagen have a midsize SUV?

Volkswagen Midsize SUV

Just like the regular Atlas three-row SUV, the Atlas Cross Sport excels with interior space but has subpar driving dynamics. The smaller Cross Sport variant has five seats and a slightly edgier design.

Does Volkswagen make a small SUV?

VW's Taos mini-SUV blends the best of the Golf and Tiguan into one delightful package. All Taos models come with a 158-hp turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder.

Which Volkswagen SUV is bigger?

Volkswagen's largest SUV is the Atlas. With its spacious interior featuring much-coveted third-row seating, the 2024 model will see a significant refresh. This will include an updated exterior featuring a new grille design, C-shaped headlights, and taillights extending for the vehicle's full width.

How many miles do VW usually last?

Volkswagen is an excellent brand that has had its ups and downs over the years. They don't last as long as some brands, but you can expect this car to stick around. According to motorask.com, a Volkswagen that is cared for properly should last 100,000 - 200,000 miles. Some have lasted far beyond that.

Do Volkswagens hold their value?

The Volkswagen Beetle Convertible has the best resale value among Volkswagen models, which retains 66.7% of its value after the first 5 years. Following the Beetle Convertible is the Volkswagen Beetle with 64.2% resale value. The Volkswagen Golf GTI ranks #3 with a resale value of 60.2%.

Why is Tiguan so expensive?

The Volkswagen Tiguan is spacious, comfortable and a pleasure to drive. Cheaper models look clunky, and the Tiguan is more expensive than its competitors. It makes every drive a pleasure with its powerful turbo engine, precise suspension, and smooth-shifting automatic gearbox.

Are Volkswagens reliable after 100k miles?

It's said that, with proper maintenance, the Volkswagen can last more than 100,000 miles. With the 1.8L engine, it can get that and more. Compared to other engines, it could get the same power as some 5-cylinder 2.5L engines.

Which Volkswagen is the most reliable?

The Volkswagen model that is the most reliable and ranks the highest in its vehicle category is the Volkswagen Golf, which ranks 10 out of 43 Most Reliable Small Cars. Following the Golf is the Volkswagen Jetta and the Volkswagen Passat. You can see the rest of the Volkswagen vehicles and their rankings below.

What is the most reliable vehicle on the market?

And then it calculates the predicted reliability of new and used cars, almost every car on the market. Lexus and Toyota took the top spots for brand reliability this year, followed by Mini, Acura, Honda, and Subaru.

What are the main issues with Tiguan?

19 Common Problems With The Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Engine Issues. The Volkswagen Tiguan is known to have a number of issues with its engine and powertrain. ...
  • Turbocharger Issues. ...
  • Timing Chain Issues. ...
  • Exterior Lights Issues. ...
  • Burning Oil. ...
  • Airbags. ...
  • Steering Issues. ...
  • N80 Purge Valve Issue.


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